Book It App For Business Support, Finance Tracking, Task Monitoring

Still looking for the perfect app to track your productivity and manage your business needs? Then the book it app might just be the perfect platform for the job.

Manage Your Task

Stay on top of your daily task and current job objectives with our in app milestone tracker.

Communicate With Clients

Communicate without taking much of your time. create freqently asked questions and get user responses automatically. if you need to talk you can reach them at the click of a button.

Minimize Liability

Create a layer of protection for you and your clients with in app liability insurance.

Automate Your Payments

Hassle free transactions create a seamless experience for both the provider and the client. So, we've automated payments for you. Once the job is complete the provider is paid.

The Kronos Algorithim

The Kronos algorithm is designed to enhance interactions between service providers and their clients, and to assist service providers with providing continued quality service to their respective clients. Kronos consist of 4 different elements which are job tracking, geo fencing, payment calculation and status notifications.

How It Works In 3 Steps.

We know how frustrating your experiences have been with other platforms. So, we've created a simple yet an effective user experience for you. It's easy to get started, just follow the steps below.

Work How & When You Want.

Lead generation is free, communicate directly with your ideal clients. Choose and refuse the jobs that just don't suit your needs.

Monitor Transaction History.

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Video Review

Check out our video overview of The Book It App. It's based on the actual user experience of the mobile app over the course of 12 months.

One of the best apps out there for business management and task monitoring. Give it a try and you will not regret it for sure - Video Created By The Book It Holding Corp.


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